2017– Present- Chair, Center of Excellent for Marine Resilience and Sustainable Development (MaRSAVE)-Unhas

2013 – 2017: Dean of Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University, Makassar

1990 – Present: Lecturer at Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University, Makassar.

2015- Present: President of Indonesian Young Academy of Science (ALMI)

2010- 2013: Director, Research and Development Center for Marine, Coast, and Small Island, Hasanuddin University.

2012 – 2014 : Chairman, Science Advisory Group for National Coordinating Committee, CTI (Coral Triangle Initiative)

2011 – Present: Board Member of Coral Triangle Center (CTC)

2009-Present: Member of National Commission on Fisheries Stock Assessment, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

2007 – 2011: Executive Secretary, Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project (COREMAP II), Marine Affairs and Fisheries

2009-2011: Secretary: Sec. Div. of Indonesian National Coordinating Committee (NCC) Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI)

2008-2010: Member and/or Head of Delegation of Indonesian CTI Coordinating Committee, Government of Indonesia: Chairman of the Regional CTICoordination Mechanism and Development Partners Working Group, and Chairman of the CTI Working Group on Financial Mechanisms.

2004 – 2010: Director/Person in Charge; The Center for Coral Reef Research, Hasanuddin University.

2003 – 2007: Team Leader: Cluster 1; Reef Based Ecosystems of Indonesian-Germany Cooperation on Science for Protection of Indonesian Coastal Ecosystem (SPICE)

2004 – 2006: Team Leader: Impact of aquaculture on coastal ecosystem in Barru (Sponsored by ACIAR Australia, and in collaboration with Australian Institute of Marine Science and RICA Maros)

2004-2006: Chairman, Provincial Task Force for the Marine and Coastal Management Program (MCRMP), Sulsel

2005 – Present: International Scientific Advisory member of Coral Reef Research Unit, Essex University, UK. Indonesian Counterpart for CRRU on coral reef research in Wakatobi Island, Operation Wallacea.

2005: Team Leader, Developing Local Content Curriculum for Elementary School on Coastal Management, Bintuni District Papua. CRMP II USAID, Jakarta

2006: Local partner of Pew fellowship (USA) for Marine Conservation (Australia, Philippine and Indonesia): Coordinating all activities in Indonesia related to the fellowship by Dr. McCook of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

2004 – 2007: Director South Sulawesi Regional Center Indonesian Sea Partnership Program, MMAF

2003: Team Leader/Coral Reef Specialist, Profiling the state of coastal area and small islands of Makassar City. Environmental Impact Protection Agency (BAPEDALDA)  MAKASSAR. 

2003: Researcher. Study on Marine and Fisheries Resources in Central Halmahera, North Maluku. Marine and Coastal Study Institute (Central Halmahera). 

2003:  Tim leader and coral reef scientist. Artificial reef construction and deployment in Spermonde Archipelago, Pangkep District. Dept. of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, South Sulawesi.

2003-2004: Team Leader of CM, Coastal Community Economic Empowerment in Pinrang Regency: Directorate General of Coastal and Small Islands, GOI.

2003: Team Leader/Marine and Coastal Management Specialist, Assessment of Marine and Fisheries Exhibition (Etalase) Program in Gorontalo Province (For Eastern Indonesia), Society Commission on the Environment (SCEnt)

2002: Chief scientist on marine ecology / Coral Reef Specialist. Prospect of natural resource use and management in North Maluku, LPPM Unhas

2002: Field Research Coordinator/Coral Reef Specialist. Integrated Marine Resource (Coral Reef, Seagrasses, and Mangrove) Management Strategies in South Sulawesi Using GIS and Zoning Approaches. Regional Research and Development Agency (BALITBANGDA), South Sulawesi

2001: Marine Ecologist, Condition, potential, and conservation of sea grass beds as an important part of coastal resources in South Sulawesi, Regional Research and Development Agency (BALITBANGDA), South Sulawesi

2002: Team Leader/Coral Reef Ecology Specialist. Ecological Assessment of Spermonde Archipelago, South Sulawesi, ADB-COREMAP

2002-2004: Vice Director, Center for Coral Reef Studies (CCRS), Hasanuddin University

2001-2002: Member of Research and Training Committee, CRITC-COREMAP, South Sulawesi Province COREMAP

2001: Team Member, Global International Water Assessment (GIWA), UNEP: Conducting water assessment for Indonesian Seas using GIWA methodology/approaches.

2000: Teaching Assistance, Teaching on Marine Botany, James Cook University, Australia: 1997 – 2001: Associate member of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for reef study, Australia 

1997 – 2000: AIMS’ s Associate staff and Cruise Leader, Sustaining Coral Reef Project, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville

1997: Secretary of Marine Science Department, Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University