Hasanuddin University welcomed the international honorary guests from Europe Union on Friday, 5 July 2019. The European Union delegation, including ambassadors, visited Makassar in order to increase the opportunities for cooperation that could be carried out with South Sulawesi, both in the realm of government politics, education, and socio-economics. In addition, the delegates took time to meet with Hasanuddin University students to find out the direct perceptions of Unhas students regarding the existence of the European Union.

The presented EU Delegation consisted of nine people delegation, including Mr. Charles-Michel Geurts as French Representative, Ambassador of Poland – H.E. Beata Stoczynska, H.E. Jari Sinkari – Ambassador of Finland, Mr. Ferdinand Lahnstein – Dutch Representative, Mr. David Van Lierde of Belgium’s Consulate, Mr. Soeren Bindesboell – Denmark’s Consulate, Mr. Charles Henri Brosseau – Representative of Portugal, Ms. Pariana Oom Representative of Portugal, and Mr. Giandomenico Milano – Italian. Prof. Jamaluddin Jompa, Ph. D representing university leaders welcomed all the delegations at the Dean’s room.

In his remarks from one of the EU delegates, he said that they were very surprised, because Unhas was far from what they imagined. Unhas turns out to be a large and has a lot of potential that can be developed. In addition, they were happy and grateful for the welcome they made. “I feel happy to be here, in Makassar, especially at Unhas,” said one delegate.

From the visit, Prof. Jamaluddin Jompa, Ph.D hopes that the arrival of the delegates can provide information to Unhas regarding opportunities for bilateral cooperation between countries, especially cooperation in education through cooperation programs with lecturers and students, researchers, and local governments. In addition, this activity is expected to introduce Hasanuddin University to the Europe.

(translated from the original article : Delegasi Uni Eropa Berkunjung ke Unhas, “Saya Senang Berkunjung di Unhas” – http://amp.oppo.baca.co.id/34251656 )


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